Just another day to chill around: La Vista

Just another day to chill around: La Vista

La Vista Highland Resort, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

The life of being an office girl, seems like a never ending work, a continues straggle against pressure and strive to do better every single time.  Finding some place to enjoy, think deeply or simply finding your serenity is quite a challenge, but not for us.

It was last November, 2014, I had a chance to experience and unwind in a resort found a few minutes away San Carlos City, Negros Occidental,  which is also two (2) and half hours  away from Bacolod City, in the country where I live in the “Philippines”. I and my friends decided to go somewhere away from the chaos of the city, and have a little bonding time together. So  we take a bus from San Carlos proper to La Vista around 6 in the morning, and I love the cold wind that past by my face as we watch the wonderful green hills sights on the way there. We arrive at La Vista around 7am, and I can’t help to smile due to excitement.


From the entrance you could now see this view. And who won’t get excited seeing this kind of view right? But this is not all, as we paid the entrance worth 100.00 pesos, we now continue walking until we reach the pool side, and bear with me guys, we just can’t help but to take another picture. For the view is wonderful.



After a few shots we approach the front desk and ask for a few questions and prices (and I advice you to please do ask questions if you have some, for you not to get shock or angry due to some reasons such as bills especially if you have limited money with you) and after that we now proceed choosing open cottages, and we choose the one near the balcony where we could see a lot of nice view of the mountains behind, and a near access to the pool.

Camera 360      IMG_20141121_083405

We decided to chill around for a few minutes for the air is so relaxing. And we decided to have our breakfast, so there are a lot of food and drinks to choose from, so food won’t be a problem. Here’s a glimpse of the food we eat.

Camera 360


And after eating and relax for a while. We decided to roam around and see what we can experience. Here’s a few photo I took for you to imagine the whole place.





Camera 360



So now that you already have the idea how La Vista looks like. Here’s what we do next, and guest what. We did “Horseback Riding”, and it’s my first time to ever do this, and I love it.





After for about an hour of horseback riding, we now decided to try their version of “Zip-line”. We are so excited about it, for this is one of the reasons why we go there. While doing this, I took some pictures of me and my friend while on the zipline to show you a glimpse of my experience. And here it is.



As the day now ends, we decided to depart back to San Carlos and leave the place. It’s been a nice experience and I would love to be back. But for now, “Chao” La Vista, till next time. ❤

Here’s my travel buddies for this adventure:



If I’m going to be back in this resort in the future, I promise to make my blog post more detailed than this one. And I would like to inform you that this is my first post and I would love to have more posts in this blog. Just visit this site more often to hear more updates about my very own travels and adventures.


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