Yup, It’s a DAM!


San Carlos Dam, Barangay Buluangan, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, 6127

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein.

Not everybody has an experience to enjoy nature by choice or by chance, but I did. It was last January 16, 2015, my friend invited me to attend their yearly fiesta at Sitio Sto. Nino Barangay Buluangan, it is a small sitio (part of a barangay) located a few minutes away from the city where I lived in,  San Carlos City. The place is named after the child Jesus, for most of the people know Filipinos have great faith in God.

It was not a planned event, my friend named Elaine just texted me that day, and I together with my other friend named Heddy decided to go and depart around 12:00 noon that day, to arrive there exactly lunch time. The travel takes for about 20 to 25 minutes if you ride a public motorcycle (which is available on the city’s public market, so it is very accessible and cheap, for the fair fee is only 15.00 pesos) and about 15 minutes if you have your own vehicle.

So finally we arrived at Sto. Nino, while having lunch and had a very loud yet happy conversation at my friend’s house, my other friend named James decided to join us. After lunch, we light a candle on their chapel above a hill, and had a short prayer.

So next is what I want you to see, me and my friends again decided to go somewhere and we choose a place which is near yet worth it. And this place is what they called the “Dam”, it is a lake like form of water surrounded by mountains. On the way there, we walk for about 20 to 30 minutes, and you might think it’s quite long. Yes it is but the view while going there will make you forget the long walk. Here’s some photos I took for you to see.






And after for about how minutes of continuous walking, we finally arrived at the “Dam”. And the photos will describe everything!







I remembered I’ve been there when I was still little girl together with my family, it’s been ages but things are still the same as I could remember it. And it just makes me realize how we people try to do pressure things out and make everything go fast and easy, and that we forget how to stop and see nature who still remain the same for us.

What I learned about this short adventure is that, nature have  an unacceptable “beauty” that nobody can ever decipher where it all came from. And having a chance to experience nature again, in a place where we never expected to be that wonderful. Just simply says, that nature lurks in every corner of our eyes, we just have to open our eyes and see it.

And lastly before this post end,  I could still remember there’s a cottage there somewhere, my friend said it is located the opposite side where we’ve been. But it is now getting late so I think I will reserve that for the next time. And I hope it will happen soon. It seems like a dream for it all just happened in a short amount of time but I have to go back to reality. Till next time. “Chao San Carlos Dam”

My Travel Buddies for this Adventure:


Disclaimer: I called the Dam, San Carlos Dam for it is located within San Carlos City, but I think it is owned by a private person.  If you have something that you don’t like or want to erase on this post please do contact me on my email @ariank_16@yahoo.com.ph and I will change it immediately. Thanks


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