An Island to Experience – Lakawon Island

An Island to Experience – Lakawon Island

Lakawon Island, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Philippines is a very lucky nation, for nature lurks everywhere. We have a lot of natural views like mountains, forests, and beaches. And some of the beaches is not yet that developed, which is also quite an advantage is some point. For sometimes people try to develop nature so much that it ruins its beauty in the process. But a little modernization I must say, to make things much more easier is also not a bad thing.

Last May 2014 (summer), i had a chance to visit one of the not yet that developed but still wonderful beach in Negros island, and they call it “Lakawon Island“. The island is located 3 kilometers away Cadiz City, which is more than 1 hour away Bacolod City and almost 2 hours from San Carlos City (which is what I suggest if you are from Cebu City).

The entry point to the island is through Barangay Cadiz Viejo. There are motor boats there that usually take visitors direct to the island, the round trip boat fare is minimum of P600 but the boat is good for 12 persons, so additional fee of P150 per person. The travel will take around 30 minutes. And “voila” you are now in Lakawon Island.


So most of the activities in the island is not that much, usually it is only related to swimming, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, taking pictures and just enjoying the silence of a beautiful island away from the noise of the big cities. There are also available cottages for the visitors, most of them are open cottages, the prices ranges from P500-P1000, there are also an air conditioned cottage for those who wants to stay for the night, prices are good for 4persons are P2500 and good for 8persons are P3000, but there are also non air conditioned rooms in which the price is lesser it ranges from P1500-P1800. The electricity in the island is only limited for the night.

Most of the people in the island are fisherman, so you can also see there freshly picked fishes, sea shells and a lot more sea creatures, and request them to cook it for you in a very reasonable price.


Here are some pictures I took, for you to imagine the whole place. (Sorry if I am there in most of the pictures, I just can’t help it, for the place is wonderful. Kekeke)










 As you could see in the pictures, this island has a fine white sand (that some bloggers say can compare to boracay), it also has a very clear sea water (that you can see you feet even if the water is already line above you stomach), and the silence and serenity you could see in this island is no other.

My travel buddies for this adventure:

This are my family. (Left-my brother, middle left- my father,middle right- my mother and right - me)

This are my whole family.

My friend - Junna.

My friend – Junna.

This adventure is another memory for me to cherish, and I hope I can come back soon, but for now “Ciao Lakawon Island“.

I hope you like this post, I still have other more posts regarding random resorts, beaches and places within Negros Island. And because of some major changes in my life this days, I will also start to blog places in one of the famous Tourism Capital in the Philippines, and that is no other than Bohol Island. For more updates on my very own travel and adventure, just follow this blog.

Disclaimer: If you have something that you want to me edit or delete in this post. Please do contact me on my email , and I will do it immediately. Thanks


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